Hair Extensions

At Love Hair & Beauty we take hair extensions seriously. We only offer the very best quality, 100% human, ethically sourced hair extensions.

Hair ExtensionsA Big Difference

Hair extensions are either synthetic, or 100% human hair. Although the technology behind synthetic hair extensions is improving, there is no substitution for the natural look and quality of 100% human hair.

But not all human hair is equal. Cheaper products use hair that has been collected from hair brushes or salon floors. The hair is treated in an acid baths, and then coated in silicone to give it a shine, before it is ready for use. The silicone gives the hair extra weight, and, because prices of extensions are based on weight, this can cause people to be over charged for an inferior product.

The premium brands we use are provided by donors and are collected in a way that allows all the hair to be kept straight, with all the follicles flowing in the same direction. Essentially, the hair is gathered into a pony tail before before being cut, and kept together.

Human hair collected in this way needs very little treatment. Because the follicles are kept aligned, it eliminates any tangling problems, and produces a superior shine and silky, smooth feel.

Understandably, hair like this is in high demand, and short supply.


REMY branded hair is of the highest quality, following the collection processes mentioned above. It comes in a wide range of shades, and is sourced from Asia and South America, so is full of volume and shine.


The famous French designer produces hair extensions of an incredible quality. It is even thicker than the REMY extensions, so more appropriate for people who’s natural hair is thinner.


Prices vary greatly depending on what you want to happen, but we are happy to provide a FREE consultation, to talk about all the options. So there is nothing to loose by popping in for a chat.

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